Solid and Engineered Wood

Wooden floors have a timeless appeal and are practical to install throughout your home

Solid wood floors are made from planks of natural sawn timber. Engineered wood is usually created from layers of mdf with a thin veneer of real wood on the surface. Both types of wooden flooring have different advantages..

Your choice of wooden floor will depend on a number of factors including:

How much you want to spend

Solid wood flooring is more expensive than engineered wood. However it has the advantage that you can sand and refinish it multiple times if it starts looking worn. Because engineered wood only has a thin veneer of wood on the surface it’s not generally suitable for resanding multiple times so will need replacing sooner than solid wood.

Where your wooden flooring is located

Solid wood floors aren’t recommended in humid or wet areas such as bathrooms because they can warp. Engineered wood is usually a better option because it can withstand moisture better.

Whether you have underfloor heating

Again, because solid wood is prone to warping, engineered wood is a more stable option if you have underfloor heating installed.

I can offer advice and talk you through the different options available to achieve your perfect wooden floor.

If you’re after something super-practical, we also have a complete range of versatile wood-effect Amtico and Karndean flooring which look as good as the real thing!

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